Cycle Number Three…

Last cycle was a big ol’ fail. I know women that are TTC always say “I thought this month was the one” and I promised myself I wouldn’t say that, but guess what? I thought this month was the one. Anyway… on to the next.

My whole TTC cocktail has remained the same, Metformin, Vitex, Maca, and Royal Jelly, but I added Inositol. I had initially read about it on PCOS Diet Support and decided to do a little research myself. From my understanding it helps cells respond to insulin better and is suppose to do loads of good for PCOSers. So of course I jumped on the bandwagon! I take 4g a day. It’s in powder form and I add it to my bottled water and shake it up. It has a teeny bit of a sweet taste on it’s own, but I don’t taste it in water at all.

So what is it about TTC and wanting to pee on everything? I ordered some internet cheapie OPKs and HPTs this week, and even though I was on CD1 I really wanted to pee on them. It would be completely useless! I am currently on CD5 and have decided that I will not pee on sticks until at least CD8. I also started attempting to chart my BBT. I don’t know if this will work out since I hardly sleep for longer than two hours at a time and since I am a night shifter. Wish me luck!

Update to come on CD8. Until then, I will not pee on sticks. I will not pee on sticks. I will not pee on sticks.